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The BCREA Blog is a platform for sharing the latest education news, economics statistics, issues relating to the profession and links to valuable resources for REALTORS®, stakeholders and the public.

    • Government Relations

    More Info: Draft Changes to Real Estate Practice

    Published Sep 22, 2017
    • Education

    Strata Manager Accountability

    Published Sep 21, 2017
    Some conflicts between REALTORS® and strata managers are due to not knowing the other's roles and responsibilities. To try to get that straight, BCREA worked with strata manager and owner organizations on a brief description: Strata Transactions: Roles of REALTORS® and Strata Managers.
  • Do PRECs Need to Register with WorkSafeBC?

    Published Sep 12, 2017
    Do Personal Real Estate Corporations need to register with WorkSafeBC? This question has come up a couple of times recently, so here's the answer: it depends.worksafebc_logo
    • Government Relations

    Proposed Changes to Mortgage Underwriting Practices: BCREA’s Response

    Published Aug 16, 2017
    • Government Relations

    Potential Tax Planning Changes

    Published Aug 10, 2017
    The federal government has proposed several changes to the Income Tax Act that could affect personal real estate corporations in BC. Until October 2, the government is accepting feedback on its proposals, which will impact a wide variety of Canadians.
  • A Consumer’s Right to Choose

    Published Jul 24, 2017
    • Government Relations

    The new BC government and BCREA’s work

    Published Jul 18, 2017
  • Bank of Canada Raising Its Target

    Published Jul 12, 2017
    In light of Canada’s robust economy and a significant amount of economic slack being absorbed, the Bank of Canada announced this morning that it is raising its target for the overnight rate by 25 basis points to 0.75 per cent.
  • Standard Forms Updates

    Published Jul 06, 2017
    • Government Relations

    Groundwater Licensing for Shared Wells

    Published Jun 28, 2017

    Published Jun 22, 2017
    On August 1, 2016, the provincial government implemented an additional 15 per cent Property Transfer Tax on all residential sales transactions by foreign entities in Metro Vancouver.
  • Residential Flood Insurance, Demystified

    Published Jun 08, 2017
    Rivers, streams, and lakes overflowing, and brigades of volunteers vainly trying to save the homes around them by deploying sandbags and anything else they can find to stop the rising waters. While we've seen these images in the media many times, no one expects a flood to happen in their community – yet it does. And as we've seen lately, as a country, we're failing to protect Canadians from flood and to educate them about this increasing risk.
    • Government Relations

    What Will the NDP-Green Alliance Mean for Real Estate?

    Published May 31, 2017
    • Government Relations

    Floodplain maps will help us rebuild better

    Published May 24, 2017
    Over the past few weeks, major floods have devastated parts of British Columbia, Quebec and other areas of the country. Find out what's being done to update BC's floodplain maps.
  • BCREA’s Plan to Improve Housing Affordability

    Published Apr 20, 2017
    On April 19, BCREA announced a five-pillar approach to address housing affordability for renters, homebuyers and homeowners across British Columbia.
    • Economics

    What the 2016 Census Really Says About Vacant Homes in Vancouver

    Published Feb 14, 2017
    With the release of the 2016 Canadian census came resurrected headlines proclaiming fresh evidence of a housing crisis in which tens of thousands of units are sitting empty in the Vancouver census metropolitan area.
    • Government Relations

    Historic Investment in Affordable Rental Housing

    Published Nov 29, 2016
    On September 19, the BC Government announced that it would create 2,900 affordable rental units across BC. The money for this initiative—a whopping $500 million—is available through the new Housing Priority Initiatives program, which is largely funded by the foreign buyers’ tax.
  • New PDP Course: Contract Bootcamp

    Published Nov 07, 2016
    On October 11, BCREA launched its new Professional Development Program (PDP) course, Contract Bootcamp. This course is exactly what it sounds like: a series of practical, real-life exercises designed specifically to improve the contract-writing muscle tone of BC REALTORS®. The bootcamp metaphor was chosen to stress the idea that writing enforceable contracts, like physical fitness, takes dedication, practice and repetition, even for professionals.
    • Government Relations

    Historic Affordable Housing Investment

    Published Oct 24, 2016
    On September 19, the provincial government announced that $500 million would be invested in affordable rental housing in BC, which would create 2,900 affordable rental units across BC.
    • Economics

    Federal Changes to Mortgage Insurance Rules

    Published Oct 20, 2016
    The Federal Government recently announced significant changes to regulations for new-government backed insured mortgages which could significantly impact access to affordable housing for low equity home buyers.