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The BCREA Blog is a platform for sharing the latest education news, economics statistics, issues relating to the profession and links to valuable resources for REALTORS®, stakeholders and the public.

    • Government Relations

    New Superintendent of Real Estate and Council Members

    Published Oct 19, 2016
    BCREA congratulates Micheal Noseworthy on his new role as Superintendent of Real Estate and the nine new Real Estate Council of BC members.
    • Government Relations

    New Video: BCREA's Response to IAG Recommendations

    Published Sep 20, 2016
    Watch a video update from BCREA President Deanna Horn on the Association's recent activities and next steps in response to the Independent Advisory Group recommendations on BC real estate practice.
    • Education

    New Manufactured Homes, Online PDP Course

    Published Aug 15, 2016
    A new online PDP course, Manufactured Homes: What a REALTOR® Should Know, is now available to help you determine the manufactured home regulations and requirements for a sale.
    • Government Relations

    Public Trust: Changes Coming to Real Estate Practice

    Published Aug 10, 2016
    The first step to implementing the recommendations of the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) happened on July 28, with the approval of changes to the Real Estate Services Act (RESA).
    • Government Relations

    Property Transfer Tax for Foreign Nationals

    Published Aug 08, 2016
    Effective August 2, an additional 15 per cent Property Transfer Tax (PTT) for foreign nationals was announced which applies to residential real estate in the Greater Vancouver Regional District.
    • Education

    Learn About Land Types: New Online PDP Course

    Published Jul 04, 2016
    A new online course, Land Types: Knowing More About the Products for Sale, is now available to help REALTORS® stay in the know.
    • Economics

    BCREA's New Market Intelligence Reports

    Published Jun 29, 2016
    In response to hot topics in the media related to the real estate market, BCREA's Economics Team has compiled two Market Intelligence Reports to examine these trends.
    • Government Relations

    BCREA's Tax Calculators: Now Mobile!

    Published May 24, 2016
    Did you know that BCREA has an online tool to help you and your clients determine the taxes payable on the purchase of property in BC? Three calculators are available for your use, and they're now also accessible on your mobile device.
    • Government Relations

    New Contract Changes Related to Assignments to Benefit Consumers

    Published May 17, 2016
    Positive changes have recently been made to BC Contracts of Purchase and Sale which will help real estate consumers decide whether they want their contracts to be assignable.
    • Government Relations

    Water Sustainability Act: Groundwater Protection

    Published Apr 20, 2016
    On February 29, groundwater licensing began as the first phase of implementation of the new Water Sustainability Act in BC. Learn more about potential licensing requirements and regulations.
    • Real Estate Sector

    BCREA's First Youth Leadership Network Event: A Great Success!

    Published Apr 07, 2016
    On April 6, BCREA hosted its first Youth Leadership Network (YLN) event to support REALTOR® leadership development and encourage young leaders to get involved in organized real estate leadership opportunities. Learn more about this and other upcoming YLN events.
    • Real Estate Sector

    Assignments: Best Practices

    Published Apr 07, 2016
    The issue of assignments is a hot topic with the media and elected officials these days. Learn more about what you can do as a REALTORS® to ensure that you're using the best practices.
    • Real Estate Sector

    New "About BCREA" Video

    Published Feb 17, 2016
    BCREA has created an "About BCREA" video to introduce BCREA to its members and partners, share what we do, describe the services we provide and demonstrate where REALTOR® dues go.
    • Government Relations

    Old Floodplain Maps Put British Columbians at Risk

    Published Dec 03, 2015
    Only 21 per cent of BC communities and First Nations have access to a floodplain map that’s ten years old or less, according to the BC Floodplain Map Inventory Report, published in October by BCREA. Learn more.
    • Education

    A New Kind of PDP Offering: PDP OnDemand

    Published Jul 10, 2015
    BCREA is pleased to announce the first two PDP OnDemand offerings: Episode 1 of the Strata Talks series, which explores depreciation reports and Episode 1 of the Broker Talks series, which looks at broker FINTRAC audit experiences.
    • Education

    New Online, 6-credit PDP Course: Customer Service Excellence and the REALTOR® Brand

    Published Jun 16, 2015
    Join renowned industry trainer Gerald Clerx and real estate industry facilitator Charles Holmes as they share proven techniques and tools to take your customer service from ordinary to extraordinary.
    • Government Relations

    Input Wanted: Examples of Wetlands Conservation

    Published Jun 03, 2015
    The Okanagan Basin Water Board is looking for innovative examples of long-term protection of wetlands or other conservation values on private land in the Agricultural Land Reserve. Learn more and provide your examples.
    • Education

    Brokers: Enhance Your FINTRAC Compliance – Have Your Office Take the New FINTRAC Course

    Published May 11, 2015
    A new online FINTRAC course, FINTRAC: Compliance for REALTORS®, Brokers and Broker Managers, is available for 3 PDP credits through REvia: the Real Estate Knowledge Network.
    • Education

    Expanded PDP Online Learning Opportunities

    Published May 05, 2015
    Worried about meeting your education requirements? It's now easier than ever to fulfill your Professional Development Program (PDP) requirements by taking some or all of your credits online.
    • Government Relations

    National Disaster Mitigation Program Begins

    Published Apr 23, 2015
    In January, Public Safety Canada announced that the National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP) would begin in April 2015. At last, on April 17, more information was released in a call for proposals from provincial and territorial governments.