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The BCREA Blog is a platform for sharing the latest education news, economics statistics, issues relating to the profession and links to valuable resources for REALTORS®, stakeholders and the public.

    • Economics

    Interprovincial Migration: Go East! (But Stop at Alberta)

    Published Jun 27, 2013
    In 2012, BC finished the year with the largest net outflow of inter-provincial migration in over a decade. Generally, the main reason is jobs and BC has been falling behind other provinces when it comes to creating jobs.
    • Government Relations

    Floodplain Mapping: Planning to Avoid Disaster

    Published Jun 25, 2013
    While the BC government offers aid to Alberta in its time of crisis, BCREA and other stakeholders urge action in this province.
    • Practical Points

    Council Rule Change: Updated Standard Forms

    Published Jun 17, 2013
    REALTORS® should note that in compliance with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia's new Rules 3-3.1 and 3-3.2, several revised BCREA standard forms will be available on July 2.
    • Economics

    Exploring the Case for a Rate Cut

    Published Apr 29, 2013
    The April 2013 Bank of Canada monetary policy report (MPR) included a significant lowering of the Bank's growth and inflation forecast from their previous projection in January.
    • Education

    BCREA Signs On for Fall 2013 Launch of the New National Real Estate Virtual College

    Published Mar 22, 2013
    BCREA is pleased to announce its three-year investment in the new National Real Estate Virtual College that will launch this fall.
    • Economics

    How Much Does Chinese Economic Growth Matter to the Vancouver Housing Market?

    Published Mar 12, 2013
    Economists at the Canadian Conference Board wrote about the strong impact that the Chinese economy has on the Vancouver housing market. While we agree that the Chinese economy has an impact on the Vancouver market, we would argue that the impact is far less direct than was implied.
    • Economics

    Tracking the BC Economy - 2012 Real GDP Growth

    Published Mar 06, 2013
    Provincial economic data is available at an annual level only and with a very long lag. Therefore, the BCREA economics team has developed a monthly growth tracker to estimate monthly growth in BC real GDP.
    • Government Relations

    2013 Housing Affordability Symposium: Working on BC Housing Solutions

    Published Feb 13, 2013
    In collaboration with The Canadian Home Builders Association of British Columbia and BC Housing, BCREA is proud to once again sponsor this year's Housing Affordability Symposium.
    • Get to Know BCREA

    Interested in being a BCREA Director?

    Published Feb 09, 2013
    As part of BCREA’s recent governance changes, the BCREA Board will now include two public Board members in addition to nine REALTOR® directors. As such, the Board is presently seeking candidates for the two volunteer public Board member positions and welcomes interest from qualified individuals.
    • Economics

    The Myth of the "Hot" Condo Market

    Published Jan 29, 2013
    Over the past four years, policymakers in Ottawa have deemed it necessary to restrain mortgage credit with the most impactful change coming from a shortening of amortizations on high-ratio mortgages from 40 to 25 years.
    • Government Relations

    BCREA Floodplain Maps Workshop, March 8

    Published Jan 07, 2013
    On March 8, with generous funding from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, BCREA will host a workshop for stakeholders to explore concrete steps that can be taken to update existing floodplain maps and keep them current.
    • Economics

    Unprecedented Tranquility in Canadian Mortgage Rates

    Published Jan 04, 2013
    In 2012, there was very little movement in mortgage rates. In fact, the volatility of mortgage rates, as measured by a rolling 52-week standard deviation of the 5-year fixed rate, reached at least a 32 year low in 2012.
    • Economics

    BC Economy Grew 2.8 per cent in 2011

    Published Nov 20, 2012
    Statistics Canada’s annual publication of Provincial Economic Accounts was released earlier this week.
    • Education

    Phase II Applied Practice Course Redesign: Approved!

    Published Oct 11, 2012
    BCREA is thrilled to report that the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (Council) recently approved the Association’s recommendations for Phase II of the Association's applied practice course redesign.
    • Education

    BCREA has a new cpe course instructor: Welcome, Faizal!

    Published Oct 05, 2012
    Join us in welcoming Faizal Valli as a new instructor for the cpe course Tax Tips for Selling Real Estate.
    • Economics

    The Impact of Changes to Mortgage Rules on BC Home Sales

    Published Oct 01, 2012
    The Federal government has tightened mortgage regulations four times since 2008, with each intervention followed by a sharp decline in home sales.
    • Education

    New Directions for Professional Development Education

    Published Sep 20, 2012
    To meet the evolving needs of the real estate profession, BCREA is working on an exciting new learning path structure of recommended learning opportunities to support provincial education.
    • Economics

    Outlook for Canadian Monetary Policy

    Published Sep 20, 2012
    The Bank of Canada remains caught in a delicate balance. The trajectory of the output gap and the stickiness of consumer prices would under normal conditions, and under conventional monetary economics (see chart below), have pushed the Bank towards tightening interest rates.
    • Education

    BCREA Instructors – Preparing for Exciting Changes in the PDP Classroom

    Published Sep 14, 2012
    BCREA is working hard to ensure that our applied practice course and Professional Development Program (PDP) instructors are well supported and prepared to realise BCREA’s vision of a twenty first century education program for licensees and REALTORS® throughout the province.
    • Economics

    US Federal Reserve Announces QE3

    Published Sep 14, 2012
    In a widely anticipated move, the US Federal Reserve announced yesterday that it will conduct a third round of quantitative easing (QE).