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What Licensees Say About the New Applied Practice Course

"There is a very different dynamic among on-line learners compared to the in-class community.  With assignments, interactive discussions and deadlines to meet, learners seem far more engaged and committed to learning. With that, I believe we are developing more competent and confident licensees better prepared to venture out into the real world of real estate."     - Deborah Spicer, Instructor


“In 2008, I [completed] the “old” Practice Course in Kelowna. Getting relicensed and doing the “new” on-line course [component] now, I would like you to know that in my opinion the new one is awesome! The interactivity with other students AND instructors works great and doing the on-line [component] whenever you want to do it is super.”    - January 2015 APC Student

“One thing I appreciate about these activities is [that] not only [do] I get to learn from the instructors, I also get to hear from my fellow classmates' points of view as we all see and analyze situations in different angles and perspectives. In the process of learning how to become a certified licensee, I am glad I could learn from my mistakes without getting penalized... I tend to learn faster this way!” - February 2015 APC Student

At BCREA's Applied Practice Course Learner Pilot, learner feedback included:

  • "It's amazing what I have learned from this pilot run. I am so glad I am here." 
  • "Much better than the current course. I enjoyed the interaction."
  • "I really enjoyed the activities and quizzes. It kept me interested and I felt like I couldn’t just skim through the information, that I actually needed to absorb it, and it kept me accountable."

At BCREA's Applied Practice Course dry-run, course instructors provided the following feedback:

  • "It's amazing what I have learned from this pilot run. I am so glad I am here."
  • “I was impressed with the agency section and its format. If the rest of it is as good as what I’ve seen so far then I truly think you have a course about which you can take a lot of pride.”
  • “100% improvement to the post licensing education in BC. On behalf of all managing brokers in BC, thank you!”
  • “All in all I was VERY impressed with the course and the interaction that it required and allowed [BCREA] did an AWESOME job.”
  • “After taking this course new licensees will be much better prepared and educated than they are today.”
  • "Having learners practice in the classroom before being licensed will benefit the individual licensee as well as the profession."
  • "Overall, very thorough, informative and required material and should be expected knowledge for licensees. Is not onerous for MBs and new licensees."