Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course
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Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course

The Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course is a requirement of licensing and is designed to provide practical training in real estate to new licensees which, together with the Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course, will enable them to confidently and effectively serve the public's real estate needs in a professional manner.

BCREA administers the course, which is a requirement for all new licensees, on behalf of the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC) and it forms part of the total real estate licensing process. This course is offered at several locations throughout the province by instructors who are experienced real estate professionals and trained in instructional strategies.
BCREA reserves the right to amend course schedules, course availability, fees, content, policies, manual and other reference materials without notice at its sole and absolute discretion. Students may be required at any time to incur expenses such as travel and accommodation expenses in relation to the course, whether the course schedule is amended or not, and those expenses shall be the sole responsibility of the student.

    1. Learners must complete a portion of the course before they can receive their temporary licence. Once learners have received their temporary licence, they may begin conducting real estate services and can proceed to complete the remaining portions of the course. 
    2. The course includes online components, face-to-face classroom time and field assignments that learners complete while working in their brokerage. 
    3. Learners will spend two to three weeks in the course before they are licensed and a further 4.5 months completing both classroom and practical field assignment components.
    4. The structure of the Residential and Commercial courses is slightly different.

This diagram illustrates the flow of the Residential Applied Practice Course:

APC_Overview graphic

This diagram illustrates the flow of the Commercial Applied Practice Course:

Commercial APC

The Applied Practice Course was developed by BCREA, in consultation with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, the Real Estate Division of the Sauder School of Business and with managing brokers and other stakeholders. Both the Residential and Commercial Applied Practice Courses were designed to focus on building learners’ practical skills and key areas of regulatory requirements, such as agency, contracts and disclosure.