Drug Operations

BCREA’s Position on Drug Operations

When a property has been involved in drug production, it can pose serious health and safety risks to the public resulting from mould, chemicals thrown out in the backyard, electrical fires and invasion by criminals looking for drugs, even if the property is no longer being used for drug production. It’s important for members of the public to be informed if a property they are interested in moving into was ever identified as having a history of drug production. Unfortunately, there is no consistency across the province on how municipalities make this information available, nor is there a provincial standard of remediation for buildings used to produce drugs.

BCREA Recommends the Provincial Government:

  • Develop a centralised, consistent process for disclosure of property history information.
  • Describe a healthy building, and then develop a centralized, consistent process for remediation of buildings used in drug operations, to ensure these buildings are safe for people.
  • Define a "drug operation" in a meaningful way.



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