Frequently Asked Questions: Proposed Ban on Limited Dual Agency
Government Relations » Frequently Asked Questions: Proposed Ban on Limited Dual Agency
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Frequently Asked Questions: Proposed Ban on
Limited Dual Agency

Last updated: September 28, 2017

The Superintendent of Real Estate published draft changes to the Real Estate Services Act rules on September 6, 2017, asking for feedback until October 6, 2017.

The following information is intended to help REALTORS® understand the draft changes, and BCREA will provide further information once the final rules are released.

  1. 1. Is the ban on limited dual agency in effect now?

  2. 2. Would deals negotiated before January 15, 2018 be affected?

  3. 3. Would all cases of limited dual agency be banned?

  4. 4. What constitutes an “under-served” or “remote” community?

  5. 5. What does “impracticable” mean?

  6. 6. Would the limited dual agency ban apply to commercial transactions?

  7. 7. Would designated agency still be allowed?

  8. 8. What is limited dual agency?

  9. 9. What is “double ending”?

  10. 10. How would “double ending” be allowed if limited dual agency was banned?

  11. 11. Under the proposed rules, could I still represent a seller and offer no agency (i.e., customer relationship) to a buyer?

  12. 12. Could I still represent a buyer if the seller is represented by a REALTOR® from my brokerage (or vice versa)?

  13. 13. How would teams be impacted by the ban on limited dual agency?

  14. 14. Could licensees who used to work as a team use designated agency?

  15. 15. If a husband/wife, parent/child, sibling, or relative, work in the same office, could they use designated agency?

  16. 16. What would happen in a multiple offer situation where I may be acting for more than one buyer? Do I have to send one buyer away? Does it matter if any of the buyers are under contract?

  17. 17. What would I do if I’ve shown homes to a particular buyer and established an agency relationship, and then the buyer wants to see my listing?

  18. 17. What would I do when a buyer I’m working with wants to see my listing? If the buyer chooses another licensee, could I still represent the seller, knowing the buyer’s motivations and price?

  19. 18. What would I do if I’m showing a listing to an unrepresented buyer who is a family member or friend?

  20. 19. Would remuneration have to be disclosed to unrepresented parties, or just to clients?

  21. 20. Where can I provide my feedback about the draft rules?

  22. 21. What is BCREA doing in response to the public consultation?

  23. 22. What will BCREA do when the draft rules are final?