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Connections (July 2014)
Connections: Advocacy News from the British Columbia Real Estate Association – July 2014 
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  Guidebook for Floodplain Map Funding Sources

Local governments need innovation and creativity to fund projects to update or create floodplain maps, according to BCREA’s Floodplain Mapping Funding Guidebook for BC Local Governments. The guidebook describes major funding sources, offers examples of how some communities have funded floodplain mapping projects, and can serve as a starting point for those that are contemplating similar studies.

Floodplain maps provide visual information on where floodwaters are expected to go, and help local governments make decisions about how and where communities grow. These maps are the most logical first step in flood management and must be updated periodically. Unfortunately, most floodplain maps in BC are at least 20 years old, and many communities lack the resources to update them.

BCREA thanks the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia for its financial support of this project and the Association’s floodplain maps initiative.

Visit www.bcrea.bc.ca/government-relations/flood-protection for more information:

  • Floodplain Mapping Funding Guidebook for BC Local Governments
  • Floodplain Mapping Backgrounder
 More News on Floodplain Maps

The Floodplain Mapping Funding Guidebook for BC Local Governments is BCREA’s latest accomplishment in its initiative to ensure that floodplain maps around the province are updated and remain current—protecting BC’s economy, communities and the Quality of Life of citizens.

In Victoria at the end of April, REALTORS® from around the province met with 57 BC MLAs to discuss the need to update floodplain maps. BCREA urges the provincial government to: 

  1. Take the lead, working with local and federal governments, to ensure floodplain maps are updated and remain current.
  2. Develop guidelines and specifications for the development of floodplain maps.
  3. Ensure senior government funding programs for flood mitigation cover technical studies, such as floodplain maps.

Many stakeholders share BCREA’s concerns. For example, in May the BC Chamber of Commerce adopted a resolution recommending the provincial government work with stakeholders on floodplain mapping, develop guidelines and clarify liability and access to emergency funds. The Insurance Bureau of Canada recognizes the need to adapt to extreme weather events, including floods. In June, Public Safety Canada distributed its exploratory National Floodplain Mapping Assessment, which focuses on floodplain mapping practices in seven countries and across Canada.

And the flooding seen this year—right now—in Canada serves as a reminder of the need to update floodplain maps and keep them current.

Visit www.bcrea.bc.ca/government-relations/flood-protection for more information:

  • Floodplain Maps Action Plan and quarterly progress reports
  • Act Now—Save Later: Updated Floodplain Maps are Critical (BCREA submission to BC MLAs)
 Grow Op Free Alberta

After extensive public and stakeholder consultations, the Alberta Government has committed to act on 37 recommendations to improve the detection, notification, disclosure and remediation of properties used to produce marijuana.

The findings reflect the experiences and recommendations that have been put forward by BCREA, 11 real estate boards and nearly 19,000 REALTORS® for the past several years: grow-ops pose health and safety risks and must be remediated.

This is a complicated issue that involves and impacts many sectors. Alberta’s leadership is much appreciated and BCREA will watch its progress with interest.

More information:

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