Introducing the PDP Learning Paths
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Learning Paths for Personalization

Because each REALTOR® has unique educational needs, BCREA has developed Learning Paths to help REALTORS® customize a Professional Development Program (PDP) experience that is right for them. The learning paths serve: 

PDP Learning Paths tool
This tool is still in "beta." 
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Emerging Professionals

The Emerging Professional is either:
  • in their first or second licensing cycle
  • new to a trading services topic supported in this path (e.g., strata)
Career Builders
The Career Builder is:
  • a REALTOR® with approximately three to nine years of experience
  • exploring specializations
  • looking for best practice "refreshers" and updates
  • might still find Emerging Professional courses to be of interest
Seasoned Professionals
The Seasoned Professional is:
  • a REALTOR® with approximately ten or more years of experience
  • might still find Career Builder or Emerging Professional courses to be of interest
  • looking for more sophisticated course content
  • gets value from peer learning and reflection 
Managing Brokers
As learners, Managing Brokers:
  • might still find courses in other Learning Paths to be of interest
  • are looking for course content specifically for brokers
  • get value from peer learning and reflection with other brokers
Other Learning Path Details...
  1. Learning Paths are not mandatory – they are a useful guide for REALTORS® to use to customize their PDP experience.
  2. Learning Paths are available for both residential and commercial REALTORS®.
  3. An online, interactive Learning Path Tool is available to help REALTORS® explore the new Learning Paths.