Ethics: Unlocking the REALTOR® Code
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Ethics: Unlocking the REALTOR® Code

6 PDP Credits/CREA Accredited – 3/4 day

When REALTORS® think of the word "ethics" they often identify it closely with The Canadian Real Estate Association's REALTOR® Code. Along with their own board's rules and regulations, the REALTOR® Code regulates their conduct when they act in their capacity as REALTORS®.

This course advocates doing the "right thing," and acting professionally and ethically are key objectives of the real estate profession. REALTORS® aspire to a higher standard than the minimum, which is required by the Real Estate Services Act. To be a REALTOR® means one is committed to embracing the REALTOR® Code and the Golden Rule.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • explain that high moral standards, ethics, and professional conduct are critically important to the image and success of the profession;
  • explain the different between ethical and legal standards within the context of the Real Estate Services Act, and the REALTOR® Code;
  • recognize the regulatory regimes that govern and sanction conduct that breaches the Real Estate Services Act, and/or the REALTOR® Code;
  • explain the articles and interpretations of the REALTOR® Code, and how their activities should be governed by it;
  • use a four-step process to solve, and/or deal with ethical dilemmas;
  • articulate their individual and collective responsibility to behave ethically not only to themselves, their fellow REALTORS® and their brokerage, but to the profession as a whole.

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