Real Estate E&O Insurance Legal Update 2017 (Classroom Version)
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Real Estate E&O Insurance Legal Update 2017 (Classroom Version)

6 PDP Credits/REP Accredited – 3/4 day

The Real Estate E&O Insurance Legal Update 2017 Course will take you through some of the pressing issues illustrated through real estate law, consent orders and discipline hearings. Legal Update strives to provide licensees with important legal and regulatory updates and best practice reminders. In this course, you will identify key issues regarding buyers and sellers, learn about where licensees have committed professional misconduct and receive tips on how to mitigate these risks.

Moving into its 23rd year of production Legal Update 2017 course strives to provide valuable and timely updates of legal and regulatory compliance, as well as key reminders of best practice for licensees in the province. For 2017, our course writers tackle both new and recurring themes by providing a great set of court cases, Council consent orders, and risk mitigation tips for licensees to remember and incorporate into their daily practice.

By the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • describe recommendations pertaining to the licensee's professional conduct and regulatory change in the Independent Advisory Group's report on the conduct and practices in the real estate industry in BC;
  • describe some of the practice issues and complexities of assignments of contracts for commercial, development and residential properties;
  • list the real estate broker and sales representative main obligations under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and Regulations;
  • describe the steps a licensee needs to take to meet his or her disclosure obligations;
  • differentiate between patent and latent defects to advise clients on how they can fulfill their disclosure of defect obligations in the course of a real estate sales transaction;
  • explain circumstances that can lead to shortfall sales to advise seller clients of the steps they can take, in a timely manner, with the lender or other financial charge holder to negotiate the shortfall sale;
  • describe the risks for buyers when buying properties with illegal suites and the best practices for licensees when dealing with such properties;
  • advise clients as to the benefits and risks of using drones as a real estate marketing tool, as well as the steps the licensee needs to take to operate a drone; and
  • explain the legal obligations imposed on parties based on the type of condition precedent at issue.


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