Using Agency to Demonstrate REALTOR® Value
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Using Agency to Demonstrate REALTOR® Value

6 PDP Credits – 3/4 day

Agency is fundamental to the value REALTORS® provide to their clients. Establishing an effective agency relationship is more than just a means to staying out of real estate jail; how well a REALTOR® communicates agency to their clients affects whether or not they sign on the dotted line with the REALTOR® as their agent. This course emphasizes the practical applications of agency. It also emphasizes the value that REALTORS® bring to a real estate transaction, and most importantly how the REALTOR® can demonstrate that value to their clients. 

Using Agency to Demonstrate REALTOR® Value course is intended to provide the REALTOR® with the knowledge and tools needed to develop their own effective way of explaining the benefits of agency representation, and the value (monetary and otherwise) that is put on that representation.

By the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • articulate what consumers need to know about the benefits of being represented and the risks of being an unrepresented party, to ensure they are making an informed decision on representation;
  • have a better understanding of agency, all forms for documenting the agency representation, associated issues and proper disclosure;
  • use a script template and language to explain the type and nature of representation you intend to provide to the consumer (particularly your buyers);
  • utilize strategies to help avoid the risk of misrepresentation, vicarious liability and breach of fiduciary duties; and
  • refer to a Professional Toolkit with relevant forms and web links, plus some tools to help you further understand and explain agency.


Contact your local member board for course availability and registration.