Win/Win: Conflict Resolution Skills for REALTORS®
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Win/Win: Conflict Resolution Skills for REALTORS®

6 PDP Credits – 3/4 day

Not all conflict is bad.

Dealt with effectively, conflict often leads to constructive outcomes by producing positive change, promoting team collaboration and strengthening unity of purpose.

This course provides learners with a complete understanding of how and why conflicts arise. It will help you develop the skills you need to proactively resolve conflict. You will explore:

  • the causes of conflict;
  • how to understand conflict;
  • how to manage your environment to prevent conflict from escalating;
  • guidelines for creating open dialogue; and
  • how to use a four-step problem-solving model.

Learners will leave with the skills, insights and techniques needed to effectively resolve conflict situations that they may encounter as a REALTOR® or managing broker. Learners will also receive a Professional Toolkit with relevant forms and web links, plus some tools to help licensees further understand and explain conflict situations.


Contact your local member board for course availability and registration.