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The PDP & REALTOR® Competencies
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The Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes that support success

A competency is an area of proficiency that impacts REALTOR® success. The competency may be a "hard skill" (tangible, definitive and measurable) such as contract writing, or a "soft skill" (less tangible, more “personality-driven”), such as negotiations. 

Using a three-tiered priority model, the PDP can focus on education products and services for REALTORS® that complement in-house brokerage training, member board offerings and other industry related training programs.

  • The top priority or focus of the PDP.  
  • The “must-have” competencies that every REALTOR® must master in order to successfully engage in real estate transactions. 
  • The second level of PDP focus.  
  • These competencies often relate to a specialization or area of specific expertise in the trading services, such as strata.
  • Limited PDP focus.  
  • Soft skills best supported by brokerage/other training, unless explored for how they relate to the primary competencies, or the REALTOR® brand.