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Youth Leadership Program
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For 2016, BCREA is piloting a provincial Youth Leadership Network (YLN). 

The goal: to support REALTOR® leadership development and encourage young leaders to get involved in Organized Real Estate leadership opportunities.
Emerging leaders (age 40 and under) have a strategic role to play in Organized Real Estate (ORE). At our Board tables, they have the potential to provide fresh insights related to their generational values, cultural norms and perspectives.  Their contributions to strategic planning and oversight could increase the diversity of thinking, and help ORE to better plan and prepare for an innovative future. A stronger youth presence at ORE Board tables also strengthens succession planning and continuity efforts as we look to significant leadership transitions in the next five years.

At BCREA, our current leadership development and governance policy and procedures are not as effective as they could be at developing, recruiting, and supporting emerging leaders.  A BCREA Youth Leadership Network program seeks to support and improve our nomination process, provide tools to better equip young REALTORS® to take on leadership in their businesses and communities, develop their knowledge and interest in governance and better support BC’s member boards in their similar efforts.
The purpose of the BCREA Youth Leadership Network is to:

  • Cultivate emerging leaders to serve at ORE leadership tables.
  • Identify structures, roles and governance processes that best leverage the insights and contributions emerging leaders can provide.
  • Document best practices for regional Young Professionals Networks, to support their development across BC.
  • Provide a voice for young professionals within ORE

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To find out more information about this initiative, or to get involved, please contact:
Corinne Caldwell, BCREA Director of Finance & Administration                                     
Direct: 604.677.9341                Email: [email protected] 

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