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The BCREA Blog is a platform for sharing the latest education news, economics statistics, issues relating to the profession and links to valuable resources for REALTORS®, stakeholders and the public.

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    The role of REALTORS® in helping the government stop money laundering

    Published Jan 04, 2019

    There are a lot of myths out there about REALTORS®, real estate transactions and money laundering. Unfortunately, the public has nowhere to go get unbiased information about REALTORS®’ roles in identifying criminal activity.

    That’s why BCREA has created an infographic for REALTORS® to share with their networks and help consumers understand the role of REALTORS® in helping the government stop money laundering. Download the infographic here, and feel free to share! 


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    Strata Manager Accountability

    Published Sep 21, 2017

    2017-09article4Some conflicts between REALTORS® and strata managers are due to not knowing the other's roles and responsibilities. To try to get that straight, BCREA worked with strata manager and owner organizations on a brief description: Strata Transactions: Roles of REALTORS® and Strata Managers.

    If your problem goes beyond a misunderstanding, and you want to make a complaint, your first step is to understand what legislation applies.

    For anything that relates to the Real Estate Services Act (RESA) and the Rules, you can go to the Real Estate Council of British Columbia. Like trading services licensees, strata managers are licensed under RESA, and the Council is their licensing body.

    Where your complaint relates to the Strata Property Act, you should direct your complaint to the appropriate strata council. A strata council can hire a strata manager, and delegate responsibilities to that manager. However, the strata council is still responsible for ensuring compliance with the Strata Property Act. More information about the duties of strata councils is available from the BC Government's Strata Councils webpage.

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    New Manufactured Homes, Online PDP Course

    Published Aug 15, 2016

    You are listing a manufactured home. Have there been alterations? Has it been registered on the Manufactured Homes Registry? Does it have the proper labels, stickers and permits for a successful transaction? A new online course, Manufactured Homes: What a REALTOR® Should Know, is now available to help you determine whether this home meets regulations and requirements.

    The Manufactured Homes course is accredited for three Category B Professional Development Program (PDP) credits and will explore potential issues, questions and requirements to consider prior to listing a manufactured home. Learners will hear about the challenges of working with manufactured homes, and both legal and BC Safety Authority perspectives on related stickers, labels and work permits required for additions.

    Upon completing this course, REALTORS® will:

    • Be able to identify regional perspectives about the trading services activity and challenges with manufactured homes;
    • Be familiar with legal definitions, regulations and information about manufactured homes; and
    • Be familiar with protocols when listing a manufactured home, identifying alterations and additions, and verifying when Canadian Standards Association stickers, Silver Labels and work permits apply.

    This two to three-hour online course is the first episode of the PDP On Demand Product series, a suite of online webinar learning experiences. This talk series combines informal TED© Talk-like video elements with online learning activities and is offered by BCREA through UBC, Sauder School of Business, Real Estate Division.

    To learn more about this course and to register, click here.

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    Learn About Land Types: New Online PDP Course

    Published Jul 04, 2016

    A new online course, Land Types: Knowing More About the Products for Sale, is now available to help REALTORS® stay in the know.

    The Land Types course is accredited for three Category B Professional Development Program (PDP) credits and will provide an overview on legal perspectives of products for sale with a focus on specific statutes that govern land, including the Heritage Conservation Act, Islands Trust, Agricultural Land Reserve and the Transportation Act. Learners will hear testimonials from three REALTOR® colleagues about the complex transactions they've encountered, what they discovered about the land types and the resources they recommend for assistance in similar scenarios.

    Upon completing this course, REALTORS® will:

    • Be able to identify different land types and their potential legal constraints;
    • Be familiar with court cases impacting different land types; and
    • Be familiar with several examples of complex transactions with a focus on lessons learned.

    This two to three-hour course is the first episode of the PDP On Demand Land Talks series, a suite of online webinar learning experiences. This talk series combines informal TED© Talk-like video elements with online learning activities and is offered by BCREA through UBC Sauder, the Real Estate Knowledge Network.

    To learn more about this course and to register, click here.

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    A New Kind of PDP Offering: PDP OnDemand

    Published Jul 10, 2015
    BCREA is pleased to announce the first two PDP OnDemandPDP OnDemand offerings: Episode 1 of the Strata Talks series, which explores depreciation reports and Episode 1 of the Broker Talks series, which looks at broker FINTRAC audit experiences.

    The online PDP OnDemand episodes are a new suite of online webinar learning experiences. These 3-credit episodes present "just-in-time" information on specific topics and issues that impact the real estate profession. Unlike other PDP offerings, the two- to three-hour PDP OnDemand episodes combine informal TED Talk-like video elements with online learning activities. Video segments may include panel discussions and/or opinion pieces, based on the presenter's experience and/or knowledge of the specialized area in question. Learners work through Test Your Knowledge activities to ensure a good understanding of the presented material.

    Strata Talks - Episode One: Depreciation Reports for REALTORS® - Join strata specialist and lawyer Justin Hanson as he walks through important details about depreciation reports, and how the role of the REALTOR® is impacted. Justin answers some of the most frequently asked questions about depreciation reports. 3 Category B PDP credits. More info…

    Broker Talks - Episode One: Broker FINTRAC Audit Experiences -  Four respected brokers share their FINTRAC audit experiences, as well as provide valuable perspectives and lessons learned that can assist any broker in understanding how to best approach a FINTRAC audit. 3 Category B PDP credits. More info…

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    New Online, 6-credit PDP Course: Customer Service Excellence and the REALTOR® Brand

    Published Jun 16, 2015
    Join renowned industry trainer Gerald Clerx and real estate indusCSE Screentry facilitator Charles Holmes as they share proven techniques and tools to take your customer service from ordinary to extraordinary.

    "Business is lost at the level of assessment. Many REALTORS® spend more time generating solutions than understanding the problem," says Gerald Clerx, internationally renowned trainer of the online 6-credit PDP course, Customer Service Excellence and the REALTOR® Brand. Clerx has teamed up with Charles Holmes, real estate industry facilitator, to provide an industry specific customer service course, and BC REALTORS® now have access to it on the REvia: The Real Estate Knowledge Network platform.

    Experts in their fields, Clerx and Holmes deliver REALTORS® a firm client service foundation to enhance their professionalism. By addressing how clients approach the buying or selling experience, this CSE course will show emerging professionals and career builders how to better approach their business and engage their clients, while capitalizing and reinforcing the REALTOR® brand.

    By saving valuable time and effort, enhancing ability to connect with clients, increasing presentation win-rate, improving negotiation skills and exploring approaches to a rapidly changing marketplace, this course demonstrates to REALTORS® the tactics that increase repeat and referral business. Students will leave the course with an action plan for how to customize this customer service model for their unique business, as well as with a resource toolkit, replete with support materials.

    Optimized for use on a laptop or desktop PC or Mac, this user-friendly, video-intensive CSE course will guide REALTORS® to achieve a higher degree of customer and personal satisfaction in their business. Course participants have been pleased with the structure and systems involved with the technical experience of taking this course online, reporting to BCREA that it was "easy to navigate," and that, "the new information learned will help me to excel and provide better service to my clients." Member boards will verify your course completion. For more information, or to register, click here.

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    Brokers: Enhance Your FINTRAC Compliance – Have Your Office Take the New FINTRAC Course

    Published May 11, 2015
    A new online FINTRAC course is available for 3 PDP credits through REvia: the Real Estate Knowledge Network.

    The FINTRAC: Compliance for REALTORS®, Brokers and Broker Managers course offers two distinct learning tracks – one for brokers and one for salespeople. It is designed as the foundation course for REALTORS®, Brokers and Broker Managers to understand their responsibilities as they are related to PCMLTFA and the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada

    Developed by REvia and FINTRAC experts and with
    the assistance of the Canadian Real EstateFINTRAC Audit quote Association (CREA) this 4-hour course covers:

    • Overview of the Compliance Regime
    • Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Monitoring
    • Client Identification, Record Keeping, and Third Party Determination
    • Reporting and Record Keeping
    • FINTRAC Roles and Responsibilities

    Your real estate board will be able to immediately verify your course completion for PDP credit, for all UBC Sauder-based courses.  All course participants can also download proof of course completion, for brokerage training records.

    The course is available for all CREA members for $74.99.  Non-CREA members can purchase the course for $89.99.

    To take the course, go to:

    For UBC Sauder quick start guides and other information, see:

    For information about other PDP online courses visit:

    What brokers are saying about the course:
    This is an excellent professional development opportunity, which provides real estate professionals industry specific information to achieve a FINTRAC Compliant Practice. This course is invaluable for both Brokers and REALTORS®, as it offers specific learning paths customized to enhance the unique needs of the individual learner profiles. The rich content and interactive learning tools help to build, reinforce and expand your knowledge, all with the flexibility that comes from an online learning environment."  
     - Jennifer Lynch, Managing Broker & Representative Coast Realty (Gabriola Village) Ltd

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    Expanded PDP Online Learning Opportunities

    Published May 05, 2015

    Banner Top

    Worried about meeting your education requirements? It's now easier than ever to fulfill your Professional Development Program (PDP) requirements by taking some or all of your credits online.

    The new PDP increases the number of online learning opportunities for BC REALTORS®. BCREA, together with its 11 real estate boards, wants you to know about the growing selection of online, PDP-accredited courses now available.

    Looking for Online PDP Courses?online learning
    The PDP offers a variety of 3-credit and 6-credit online learning opportunities. While some online courses are owned and operated by BCREA, others are provided by external vendors, such as Sauder School of Business, Real Estate Division at UBC. BC REALTORS® also have access to important national courses via REvia: the Real Estate Knowledge Network.

    PDP online courses allow you to learn when you want, how you want, 24/7. Learn at your own pace - you can start an online course, leave it for an hour, a day, or a week, and return to learn at the rate that best suits you.

    You can learn more and access online PDP courses at:

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    Launch of the New Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course

    Published Feb 03, 2015

    On behalf of the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, BCREA launched the new Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course this January. Feedback to date indicates that the new course will bring a higher standard of knowledge, practical skills and professionalism to BC licensees.

    New Course Format
    The new Applied Practice Course (APC) offers more opportunities for licensees to engage and practice regulatory compliance before and right after receiving their licence. The course includes four components and takes six months to complete. The first two components are completed before becoming licensed. In Component One, students complete a two-week online learning unit and in Component Two, students attend a highly interactive, two-day classroom session.

    APC_Overview graphic



    After completing the first two components, students can apply for a temporary licence, and then complete Component Three (six practical field assignments in their brokerage) over the course of approximately four and a half months. The final course component is a capstone one-day in-class session, which offers an opportunity to review licensee strengths and challenges as they look to further hone their skills and understanding about their regulatory duties.

    Feedback to Date

    "There is a very different dynamic among online learners compared to the in-class community. With assignments, interactive discussions and deadlines to meet, learners seem far more engaged and committed to learning. APC LearnersWith that, I believe we are developing more competent and confident licensees better prepared to venture out into the real world of real estate." – Deborah Spicer, APC Instructor

    "In 2008, I [completed] the "old" Applied Practice Course in Kelowna. Getting relicensed and doing the "new" online course [component] now, I would like you to know that in my opinion the new one is awesome! The interactivity with other students AND instructors works great and doing the online [component] whenever you want to do it is super." – January 2015 APC Learner

    Resources for Managing Brokers
    BCREA's Managing Broker Toolkit ( has been developed to provide managing brokers with course materials and resources to support new licensees as they enter the profession of real estate. The Toolkit contains an executive summary, which highlights the changes in the course and explains the objectives of each component, followed by the content from each of the four course components.

    New APC and Changes to PDP Credits
    The new APC has been designed as part of the licensing process for new licensees. The goal of the course is to prepare learners to become competent licensees. In conjunction with the enhancements to the Emerging Professional learning path in the Professional Development Program (PDP), as of January 2015, the new course no longer affords six PDP credits to new licensees.

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    New Applied Practice Courses Resources for Managing Brokers

    Published Nov 25, 2014

    BCREA is pleased to announce that to help bring a higher standard of knowledge, practical skills and professionalism to BC licensees, its new Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course will go live this coming January and the commercial course will follow in the spring. To help managing brokers be in the know about these redesigned courses for their new licensees, BCREA has made several resources available. 

    Q&A Sessions for Managing Brokers
    BCREA is hosting two question and answer sessions for managing brokers and brokerage trainers. We encourage you to join us for one of the following scheduled conference calls:

    • Wednesday, November 26 from noon to 1 pm
    • Thursday, December 4 from noon to 1 pm

    Conference call details:

    • Number: 1-855-241-4611
    • CoverParticipant code: 8806146

    Applied Practice Course Managing Broker Toolkit
    BCREA's Managing Broker Toolkit has been developed to provide managing brokers with information needed about the changes to the Applied Practice Courses. The resources in the toolkit and the accompanying recorded webinar will assist managing brokers in understanding the new format of the course, its content, and the ways that new licensees can be supported as they progress through the new Applied Practice Course.

    To view the toolkit and a video overview of the toolkit, click here.

    For a detailed overview of the new Applied Practice Course and the course FAQ, click here.

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    Measuring Success of the New PDP

    Published Aug 19, 2014

    As part of its Professional Development Program (PDP) Launch Change Management Plan, BCREA committed to preparing a launch assessment report, approximately six months after the November 2013 launch of the new program.

    As a PDP Launch Assessment Report, BCREA would like to provide an analysis of the launch assessment data that has been collected from the following four sources.

    2014 BCREA Member Board Survey

    The percentage of member board leadership who were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the four PDP launch-related goals, performance objectives and measures ranged from 88 to 96 per cent, with all metrics up roughly 8.5 per cent from 2013.

    New PDP Course Assessments

    From 2,308 course learner evaluations, the five new courses (Trends and Issues, Risk Management, Technology, Contract Nightmares and Agency) received a total average rating of 4.23 out of 5 on satisfaction, relevance and whether learners would recommend the course to a colleague.

    PDP Launch Assessment Survey

    In May 2014, 2,366 BC REALTORS® completed the PDP Launch Assessment Survey and:

    • 85 per cent of respondents noted that changes made to the PDP were easy to understand.
    • New course designs received an average rating of 4.09 out of 5 on content, format, instructor delivery and interactivity.
    • 55 per cent of respondents noted that new courses were “much better” or “better” than PDP courses they had taken in the past.

    Category C Impact Analysis

    In 2012, BCREA setup a new categorized system of learning options and launched a new type of education opportunity, Category C, which enables member board events to be PDP accredited. In the Category C Impact Analysis, completed by BCREA member boards, results indicated that:

    • All real estate boards felt their goals for Category C events had been met.
    • Almost 30 events/series were held, with over 4,000 attendees, since pilots for Category C began in 2012.
    • Benefits of Category C included providing: timely, practical topics of regional concern at minimal cost; more PDP offerings for commercial REALTORS®; a variety in format (length, style and venue); renewing interest in continuing education based on practical relevance; a system where member board leadership felt empowered and engaged in the education process; a way of addressing local issues related to professional misconduct; and a tangible new PDP product for members.
    • Lessons learned included that: the credit tracking process took effort to implement; explaining Category C opportunities and limitations to REALTORS® took some effort; and it took time and resources to plan and implement Category C events.
    • In assessing the return on investment, the PDP is still in its infancy and showing positive results and potential, but needs further monitoring to fully understand an optimal balance.

    BCREA is thrilled to report that all data points indicate a successful PDP launch. For more information, about the new PDP, click here.

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    New REvia Anti-Spam Course Now Available

    Published Jul 23, 2014

    Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation came into effect on July 1, 2014, and BCREA is pleased to announce that the new Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation: Guidance for REALTORS® course is now available. This new course, which is accredited for three Category B Professional Development Program (PDP) credits, will help you stay in the know of your anti-spam requirements.

    Since electronic marketing is a common practice in the real estate profession and a significant means to helping REALTORS® connect with prospective clients, clarity on these legal changes is essential. You can now complete this two to three hour online course through REvia (, The Real Estate Knowledge Network, for an overview of the new legislation and how it will affect the Canadian real estate profession. With respect to commercial electronic messages, course content will also review the components that businesses must put in place in order to comply with the new law. In developing this course, expertise was provided by The Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) subject matter experts and third party legal advisors. 

    This anti-spam course is the first REvia course to attain PDP accreditation in BC. As a joint venture of several of Canada’s provincial real estate associations, currently representing approximately 31,500 member REALTORS®, REvia uses an online presence to deliver training and professional development materials focussed on the Canadian organized real estate sector. This collaboration helps REvia to capitalize on economies of scale in the development and delivery of consistently high quality training. REvia will continue to work with CREA to provide detailed information on the requirements that REALTORS® will need to know about this legislation.

    BCREA will also use REvia as a platform for other new online PDP offerings, including the blended Strata Fundamentals course (both online and face-to-face) and the completely online Customer Service Excellence and the REALTOR® Brand course, which will both launch this fall.

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    More Ways to Earn PDP Credits: Category C Expansion Research

    Published Apr 14, 2014

    Working in consultation with education staff from BC member boards, BCREA will be researching the expansion of the Professional Development Program (PDP) Category C education offerings to include industry-related events. This research launches April 2014 and will continue for approximately one year.

    With the launch of the new PDP in November 2013, BCREA and the 11 member boards implemented a new A-B-C accreditation system. Category C currently consists of one sub-category – member board education events. For more information about Category C, click here. Feedback on Category C member board events has been overwhelmingly positive. REALTORS® appreciate the acknowledgement that such events deliver local, practical and timely continuing education that is not otherwise found in Category A or B offerings.

    BCREA has received significant input from REALTORS®, brokers and member boards that expansion of Category C to include other industry-related events is desirable. Stakeholders have also shared that such offerings provide a variety of valuable industry perspectives that would be unique in the PDP.

    As part of the research, BCREA and member boards will conduct a small series of one-time, PDP-accredited industry event pilots. REALTORS® attending these events will:

    • Receive three, one-time PDP credits for attendance at the event, based on the following criteria:
      • Submission of proof of registration, in their name, to their member board within 30 days of the event .
      • Completion of a survey about what they learned at the event, and their perspectives on an industry-event Category C sub-category, within 30 days of receiving the survey .
    • Be asked to participate in a research focus group about their learning experience at the event, and their perspectives on an industry-event Category C sub-category (voluntary).

    The first one-time PDP accredited industry event pilot will be the BC Land Summit help May 14 to 16, 2014. To register (deadline: May 7), visit At least one commercial event in 2014 or early 2015 will also be announced in the coming months.

    BCREA and the member boards will be using data from these pilots to inform decisions about the viability of an industry-event subcategory for Category C in 2015. For more information, please contact the education staff at your member board or BCREA’s education department at [email protected].

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    Broker Education Research: Feedback Request

    Published Feb 06, 2014

    From July to October 2013, BCREA and the Real Estate Broker Association (REBA) conducted a Managing Broker Research Project to provide insights into the values and priorities of BC managing brokers regarding REALTOR® education. In order to identify and confirm strategic next steps, REBA and BCREA would now like BC REALTORS®’ feedback on the research findings.

    The following is the executive summary Managing Broker Research Project Report:

    The Managing Broker Research Project Report presents the results of the online survey and the face-to-face interviews, which were facilitated by BCREA and REBA, and which represents the views of BC real estate brokers.

    The goals of the Managing Broker Research Project are to provide:

    • an analysis of the spectrum of education models in operation in BC brokerages,
    • an analysis of possible areas of alignment between the Professional Development Program (PDP) and brokerage education models, and
    • recommendations for enhancements to the PDP from 2014 to 2016.

    A total of 256 brokers participated in the research, representing approximately 24 per cent of all residential brokers in the province. However, there were limitations in determining statistically significant trends. The research sample is not a random sample because the survey participants were self-selected, the interviewees were recommended by their boards, and there may be some overlap between those who completed the survey and those who were interviewed. Therefore, the report discusses patterns, trends, and issues rather than statistically significant “facts.”

    In addition to identifying a number of key factors in determining trends such as:

    • size of brokerage, geography/location  
    • brokerages associated with a brand and those which are independently branded
    • owner broker vs. managing broker
    • selling vs. non selling broker
    • size of brokerage
    • brokerage business model
    • age level
    • geography/location
    • resource availability

    The report discusses the education models in BC brokerages in relation to these key factors. It also includes broker comments about how they engage and assess learning in their brokerages, and an “Ideal Vision of an Education Model for Licensees”.

    The report then provides feedback from the brokers on education alignment between the brokerages and BCREA. The question of who should be conducting the training in hard skills (defined as agency, disclosure, contracts and standard forms, and ethics), soft skills, specialized properties, customer service, and small business skills generated interesting, diverse, and sometimes polarized comments. The report also discusses the question of providing accreditation for in-house training and issues around the implementation of that process. Finally, the brokers provided insight into recommendations for improving the PDP, including comments on the current funding model and a plan for enhancing PDP to better meet the needs of the brokers themselves.

    Throughout the report it is important to note that comments from the surveyed and interviewed brokers reflect the perceptions of the brokers and may or may not reflect the reality of the industry.

    The recommendations for moving forward are based on broker insights and focus on PDP improvements, managing broker education needs, and further research requirements. BCREA and REBA will need to review these recommendations internally and with stakeholders to determine next steps.

    It is recommended that:

    BCREA should continue to:

    • focus on hard skills training (i.e. agency, disclosure, contracts and standard forms, and ethics) and specialized properties but work with boards to address local issues.
    • revise PDP courses generally to be more practical, more interactive, and to include accountability and assessment.
    • develop learner pathways, particularly in the managing broker stream, to ensure variety and relevance.
    • develop more online courses/seminars, particularly for rural communities where access and cost are barriers to participation.

    BCREA should consider:

    • accrediting training in the secondary skills areas under Category C of the new PDP credit system.
    • conducting environmental scans of existing educational resources before embarking on new course development to ensure BCREA does not duplicate existing training.
    • making educational resources available on a not-for-credit basis.

    BCREA should address managing broker concerns by:

    • developing courses that meet brokers’ specific needs.
    • providing opportunities for brokers to discuss common issues (seminars, conferences, etc.).
    • broadening what counts toward PDP credits for managing brokers under Category C.
    • working with REBA and an education institution, such as Sauder School of Business, to develop a more comprehensive training program for new brokers. There is concern that new brokers do not know what to do in the day-to-day operation of their brokerage and there is little training available to support them.

    In terms of issues that require further research, it was determined that:

    • additional research is needed to identify the preferences of the large urban brokerages in determining the role of BCREA in training secondary competency areas. Because large urban brokerages represent a small number of brokerages province-wide, this is best done through focus groups rather than surveys.
    • BCREA should work to clarify preferences and trends in the following areas:
      • the acceptability of the current PDP funding model,
      • training related to minimal levels of customer service associated with the REALTOR® brand,
      • accreditation of in-house brokerage courses for PDP credit, and
      • succession planning.

    This is best done by having the BCREA develop concrete proposals to which brokers respond. The responses should come from focus groups representative of brokerage size, region, and branding. As well, it is recommended that REBA should develop an outreach strategy for brokers across the province. There's an interest in REBA but very little knowledge of it or familiarity with it.

    To help BCREA and REBA identify strategic next steps and help shape the future of BC REALTOR® education, the Association is asking REALTORS® to review the full 26 page Managing Broker Research Project Report, which is followed by a detailed appendix of each question and response, and provide your feedback (by March 31, 2014). Please consider the following questions while reviewing the report. In terms of this research, what are the:

    • top three take-aways/positive aspects?
    • top three challenges or "gaps in knowledge" that remain?
    • three important next steps?
    • potential impacts on you or your organization’s business practice?

    To provide your feedback, please visit

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    Four NEW PDP Courses: Off to a Great Start!

    Published Jan 22, 2014

    In November 2013, BCREA launched four new Professional Development Program (PDP) courses. These new courses offer relevant, just-in-time information with practical takeaways that give REALTORS® an opportunity to work on their business rather than working in their business.

    BCREA's four new courses are:

    These courses are intended to offer REALTORS® proactive strategies to enhance their overall best practices. Learners' comments about the courses include: “definitely made me think;” “Great course! Opens your eyes to become more proactive in your business and adaptive to the upcoming trends;” and “content is very in line with what’s to come and what’s happening now.”

    The instructors of these new courses rose to the challenge of delivering interactive, learner-centered courses. Their efforts paid off as the learner evaluations reflected positive comments about the small group interaction, peer-to-peer learning and overall level of participation. As one learner commented, “[this course is] a step into new territory – thought provoking and participatory rather than strictly information coming at us.” Another learner also shared that, “participation made it come alive!”

    In addition to the interactive components of these courses, learners are appreciating the scenario-based activities, resource toolkits, the use of i.clickers, and as always, the knowledge and experience of the instructors. Comments such as, “the instructor was engaging and knowledgeable;” “excellent instructor;” and “I enjoy every course that he/she teaches,” frequently appear in all course evaluations.

    So, if you're a REALTOR® and haven't registered for one of the four new PDP courses yet, do so now! You'll find it to be a relevant, thought-provoking and information experience. You can learn more about these new courses and watch 30-second preview videos by clicking here.

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    The New PDP is Here

    Published Nov 01, 2013
    November 1, 2013 marks the launch of the new Professional Development Program (PDP) for REALTORS® in BC. BCREA wishes to thank our 11 member boards, our REALTOR® liaisons and committee members, and all the staff and volunteers who have helped to roll out the exciting new products and services.

    The REALTOR® education section of the BCREA website provides great information about the new PDP, including a FAQ section, print resources and short explanatory video clips. For other inquiries, please contact your member board or BCREA’s education team at [email protected].

    Signing of BCREA/member board Education Agreement
    Signing of the three-year BCREA/member board education Memorandum of Understanding October 29, 2013

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    Customize Your PDP Experience: the New PDP Learning Paths

    Published Sep 25, 2013

    Learning Paths for Personalization

    Every BC REALTOR® has unique educational needs. For the launch of the New Professional Development Program (PDP) this November, BCREA has developed Learning Paths to help REALTORS® customize a PDP experience that is right for them.

    The new PDP Learning Paths are not mandatory - they are a useful guide for REALTORS® to use to customize their PDP experience. Learning Paths are available for both residential and commercial REALTORS®.

    The online, interactive Learning Path tool on the New PDP website guides REALTORS® through the new Learning Paths and can assist in identifying courses and member board education events to best meet their needs.

    This post is a part of The New PDP blog post series.  For more information about the November 2013 launch, visit the New PDP website.

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    Grow With Us: New PDP Coming November 2013

    Published Aug 27, 2013

    BCREA and its 11 member boards are proud to announce significant improvements to the Professional Development Program (PDP), which will begin to roll out in November 2013. This new program offers more flexibility and choice to better match the range of REALTOR® learning preferences.

    The exciting changes are a result of REALTOR® and member board input collected in 2011. Through focus groups, surveys and education research, BCREA and member boards identified key areas for improvement of the PDP related to:

    • the quality of PDP courses,
    • more diversity of courses to better meet REALTOR® needs, and
    • better access to PDP courses with face-to-face and online options, and the addition of accredited member board and external vendor offerings.

    New Ways to Earn PDP Credits
    BCREA has expanded the PDP accreditation system to recognize the kinds of learning experiences REALTORS® know to be of value to their business and their clients.

    New Courses and New Course Formats
    BCREA will debut between nine to 11 new or redesigned PDP offerings between November 2013 and March 2014. A substantial number of courses will also continue to be added over the three-year implementation of the new PDP. These courses provide an improved learner experience which allows REALTORS® to attend the PDP classroom in new and interactive ways. This design offers learners ”takeaways” that can be used in their business immediately and courses focus on adding tangible value to REALTORS®’ businesses and their clients.

    Courses fall into five types:

    New or redesigned

    Industry Watch – courses that explore the trends, issues and legal developments in the real estate profession

    Strategic – courses that look at the strategic connection of knowledge, skills and attitude to the REALTOR® business plans

    Practical – hands-on courses that allow REALTORS® to engage in the details and nuances of their trading services

    PDP on Demand – 3-credit, online, on-demand, less formal courses on timely topics that rotate every two to three years

    External vendor

    PDP accredited when the course delivers important content better and cheaper than BCREA could produce it

    More Choice in Where and How to Learn
    BCREA recognizes that every REALTOR® has a unique preference in how, when and where they learn best. The new PDP provides more choice of real-time, self-paced, face-to-face, online or blended courses. BCREA and its member boards are also piloting real-time distance-based courses.

    Financial Investment Required
    BCREA recognizes that keeping membership costs in check is an important priority. Investment in an improved PDP will deliver enhanced value while keeping cost increases as low as possible.

    For more information, click here.  
    • Education

    BCREA and REBA Launch Managing Broker Research Project

    Published Aug 07, 2013

    BCREA and the Real Estate Brokers Association (REBA) are undertaking a Managing Broker Education Research Project.

    The goals of the project are:

    • to better understand broker values and priorities in the area of REALTOR® training and education, and
    • to better align the provincial Professional Development Program (PDP) with broker education models and serve REALTORS® more effectively

    This research project will deliver:

    • an analysis of the spectrum of education models in operation in BC brokerages,
    • an analysis of possible areas of increased alignment between the PDP and brokerage education models, and
    • a series of recommendations of possible enhancements to the PDP in 2014-2016.

    The project steering group is made up of REBA directors, managing brokers from across the province, and BCREA and member board education staff. Open School BC is the educational consultancy that has been hired to conduct the research. 

    The project research is being conducted via a provincial managing broker survey and approximately 50 face-to-face interviews with managing brokers across BC. The survey will run from late July to mid-August 2013. Interviews will be completed in October. The final report is scheduled to be completed by the end of November 2013.

    REBA and BCREA gratefully acknowledge the Real Estate Foundation of BC for their financial support of this project.

    For more information about the research project, please contact Monique Brewer at Open School BC at [email protected].

    • Education

    BCREA Signs On for Fall 2013 Launch of the New National Real Estate Virtual College

    Published Mar 22, 2013

    BCREA is pleased to announce its three-year investment in the new National Real Estate Virtual College that will launch this fall.

    The Virtual College is a collaborative venture of real estate boards and associations from across Canada who envision a national virtual college for on-line education to members of organized real estate organizations.

    BCREA joins the provincial associations from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba as the first signatories on a three-year joint venture agreement. Commitments are currently under consideration by the Maritime provinces, as well.

    For BCREA, the investment in this national platform is timely and strategic. As BCREA works to enhance the Professional Development Program (PDP) for REALTORS®, it needs access to an online platform for some of its upcoming, new offerings. BCREA also needs a more effective mechanism to support the sharing of and collaboration on REALTOR® education products and services, in an aim to make better use of Association resources.

    As one of the principle investors in the Feasibility and Design phases of the college project, BCREA is proud to see the innovative ideals and values that launched the project become fully realized in this exciting new educational entity.